If Only To Dance Together Forever and ever

This night was like any other night. We all gathered at some bar to see some amazing band. Everyone donned their best oldest clothes. The floor was burning up with the steps from American history and the smiles were like stars in the skies.

I can’t remember which of these images Jill emailed me about. All I know is she loved it. As an artist type that’s really all you ever hope for. Someone saying they love something you created, especially when that person is your peer in the arts. An equal in the love of what we do. That is the sweet spot.

I think it was the feet image but I honestly can’t remember. It doesn’t matter. They both are shown as the truest version of themselves in that moment. A couple who really loved each other and have for more than half their lives.

It’s honest and it’s loving. One can only hope to want to find their forever dance partner.

 The song flows through the needle that hits the speaker that fills your soul. Then you just simply grab that hand and dance with no mind to anything else then the person who’s hand it is.

For these moments in time we are lucky.




One comment

  • Beautiful words. Beautiful photos.Thank you for capturing the heart and soul of my friends.

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