A little bit about me


Thank you for looking at this site. I am a photographer in the real world and a photographer in my spare time as well. My background is commercial photography. That is pretty broad statement but I have shot a lot things in my time doing this.

My love for instant film and Polaroid is pretty obvious. It’s a wonderful medium.

Inbetweendrinks was a name given to me by my friend Mark. We met while I was working in Kentucky. I had been working your basic 9-5ish and going out with friends. This has been going on for years. I usually had my Polaroid 110a with me. Shooting bars, people, street scenes and whatever was interesting.

Over the years I had a accumulated many images in and around bars. Friends, strangers and staff. It eventually became project. Not of my intention but here we are. I had a few shows with this content. Kinda half ass at first but it grew into something.

The first was in Utah. Stick pins in the wall in the back of a book store kinda show. Then a nice gallery in a group show. To some years later into a one person show a very respectable gallery. That was pretty amazing.

Today it’s more on here then in the physical world. That needs to change and soon so if and when it does. I’ll let you all know. All 5 of you. Insert laughing here.

Please feel free to email me or check out my website. I am heavily involved with roller derby as well. It’s the one sport that I love to shoot. Changed my life a bit.

thanks and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.






Me with coffee lo

photo courtesy of Liesl Lavery.



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